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About us

Determination is always vital for achieving anything life. This Statement has been proved true by the wonder kid. Tejasvi Sharma. Tejasvi has overcome his physical inability through yoga and fought all odds to be inspiration for many.

Tejasvi is a physically handicapped person with both his legs afflicted with polio since his childhood, but he has been practicing yoga since he was 5 years old.

Yoga Turned Life a Round

Due to his hard work and practice, today he can perform the hardest of the asanas and postures without any effort. Some of them are – bajrangasana, bhunamanasana, vrashchikasana, ekpadkatisparshasana, etc.


But even these asanas are nothing but a child's play for him. He has developed his own postures that are far harder and which probably even many healthy flexible people cannot do.

In addition to this, he can perform the extremely difficult 'contortion', for example, bone-breaking, shoulder rotations, can easily touch his elbow with his lips, etc.


He had realized that he had great flexibility, yet he was afraid of participating in formal competitions of yoga since there is no special category for physically challenged people. In spite of this, he gathered courage and started participating in competitions and championships from 2009 and has continued to win all of them till date.


He recently participated in the '4th International Yoga Championship' held in Pudong Shanghai, China from 19th-21st September 2014 and won 'Silver medal' in his respective age group. A noteworthy point here is that this championship was not a competition meant for handicapped persons, and had no 'handicapped category' as such. Instead, it was a general championship open to everyone around the world in which he despite being the single handicapped participant in his age group achieved 2nd rank against all normal healthy participants.

In a society like ours, where physically handicapped persons are so many times equated as a liability, as a burden on family, it was no cakewalk to reach such an international level and yet compete and win against normal participants.

Right from the time he was first afflicted with polio, society has always discouraged him trying to limit his potential and doing nothing but expressing their sympathies. But hard work and sincerity served as his ferrymen and since then have won many awards and medals in various yoga championships at the national and international level.

A doctor told Mithlesh Sharma(Father of Tejasvi) that, his son Tejasvi had lost sensation in his both leg and it may never function properly," Mithilesh could not think of his son walking with a limp or with crutches. So at an age when children are not able even to walk properly, Mithilesh enrolled Tejasvi in a yoga school. Things worked and the condition of his leg improved. Tejasvi started practising yoga at a very tender age of two. He used to practise yoga on a daily basis along with his father. At the age of 5, he was well versed with all yoga moves and used to practise around 50 to 70 asanas a day,but never thought of performing it on the mass level. Then what made him opt for yoga as professional career? It's the tease and harsh remarks of his classmates, making fun of the disability, said Tejasvi, recalling the days of the past.

Participation at Competitions Made Difference

Driven by the harsh remarks of the students, he decided to enhance his yoga skills and participated in the interschool yoga competition held at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Noida. "I stood first at the competition. It was a real boost for me and I decided to take artistic yoga to different heights, " added Tejasvi. In 2009, he participated at state level yoga competition and bagged first prize in artistic yoga. "People acknowledged my potential and appreciated my efforts. Their appreciation motivated me to move on. I started practicing for three hours a day, which is more then sufficient for any practitioner. My hard work paid and I won around 8 state level competitions in a year and headed towards national competitions, " added Tejasvi. However, he couldn't perform well at the national level competition. In first national held in Palwal, he stood third. Unsatisfied with his performance he decided to do enhance his skills. "I believe participating in competitions is the best way to judge ourselves. It helps us in knowing our pros and cons, " he added.

Got Standing Ovation at india's Got Talent

'Ek Shaam Atta Chowk Ke Naam, ' was the first stage programme, he participated in. After that, there is a long list of performances. He participated in Popular show india's Got talent and got standing ovation from the judges for giving mesmerising performance. He also gave a wonderful performance in 'Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi karega' and several other stage shows. However, he never forgets to thanks his mentors who supported him and paved his way towards success. "I am blessed that I have so wonderful people around, who have supported me through out. "I am very thankful to my parents . It's only because of their teachings I am here," said Tejasvi.

    Team Tejasvi